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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Questions for Thursday?

-Why do guys lose hair on top of their head, but not anywhere else? In fact, sometimes they grow even more in new places.

-Why is it wherever you travel to every tourist store has the same exact shit?

-Why do people put stickers on their car? Especially for candidate hopefuls. It always seems silly years later when Gore didn't actually become president, and yet there's your dumb sticker for everyone to shake their heads at.

-Why does the guy at my gym where bath and body works cologne? Is he gay or just really into smelling like a pear?

-Who is really paying $100 to board their luggage on a plane? I want to talk to you. And maybe slap you across the face.

-Why are grates in the middle of sidewalks so scary? I always walk around them for fear that I'll fall through and land in a bucket of rats.

-Why are spiders and snakes so scary, yet when you see them they're usually just sitting still and doing nothing at all that's all too scary?

-Why are 3 day weekends so awesome? If we always had 3 day weekends would everyone be more relaxed? I heard Utah is already doing this and that it's working on a productive stand point. Would we start bitching why we don't have 4 day weekends, or is that just pushing it?



Blogger Maurene said...

I really enjoy these questions of yours. I will be the first to admit that whenever someone gets a cold I'm on their ass so fast about resting, drinking fluids, and taking meds. This is because I know that everyone is in denial of sickness until they are dead with their lungs coughed out on the floor. I do that anyway.

11:03 PM  

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