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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comments? Concerns? Cacapoopeepants?

-Why do people cough on the bus and then immediately put their hand back on the railing? They must realize how gross that is, right?

-Why do birds poop in the same spot so that it leaves just one big poop area on the ground? Is that their home? Is there some good crumbs up on that ledge?

-Why do people tell you how to cure a cold, like they are a doctor of colds and like you are some dumbass who has never had one before?

-Why is it when you are so happy, someone usually comes in and shits on you?

-Why are customer service people the dumbest humans on earth? Are they this dumb outside of work? Are they really patient people?

-Why is it that you can yell at those you love, but not at those you hate?

-Why are there so many shitty movies, books, music that gets produced? And who are the people that see/read/buy them?

-Why can't you go in and out of a concert? They've invented the computer. I'm sure they can invent technology that enables you to reenter a venue.

-Why do movie theaters not allow you (me) to bring in my tasty fro-yo? I know it's because they want me to buy their crappy popcorn, but why should I be forced to when what I want is fro-yo and they don't offer that?

-Why is a one scoop of ice cream different everywhere you go? This is not the case for coffee cups or fries, so why stop with the scoop? I am always surprised as to how much ice cream I'm going to get.

-Why don't they teach kids about credit cards or saving up for the future? They should. It should be a required class in college and high school.

-Why is it that the most religious people always seem to be the most fucked up? Every time a non religious person is on the news, do really religious people think it's because we don't believe as much as they do?

-Why are so many people allergic to things these days? That's weird, right?

-Why did so many people like Borat? It wasn't THAT funny.

-Why is it that some people can never make up their fucking mind without someone else's opinion? This is probably the most frustrating quality I find in a person. It shows you have absolutely no confidence in your own choices. Or are too lazy to decide on anything.

-Why haven't the US caught on to the Europeans way of taking vacations? They get 5 weeks a year. Do Americans think this is wrong? I don't. And I don't know anyone around me who would hate 5 weeks of not going to work.

-Why have people decided texting is a way to communicate? It is not. I promise you.

-Why do people get mad when you don't accept their friendship right away on Twitter/MySpace/Facebook/Linkedin? Especially since you haven't talked to them in years.

-Why, oh why, can't I stop asking questions? I don't have an answer to this one. But I'll stop so you can go back to work.

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Blogger Heidiblossom said...

-So they don't fall down when the bus herks and berks.
-I am pretty sure that is just one big poop.
-Because they feel bad for you and want you to feel better fast.
-Pure jealousy. If they were feeling happy they'd probably just hug you.
-I think they just hate their job so much, probably the only interesting thing for them to do is act stupid and inwardly guffaw at your frustration. Either that or they ARE just really dumb.
-You can yell at those you hate, but you pretty much have to be drunk first. Also there is often a thin line between love and hate, and yelling often bridges that gap.
-Man there are a LOT of stupid people in this country. How else can you explain Kansas?
-So that you are forced to buy their booze/food and aren't able to go and do drugs and come back all fucked up and cough and then immediately grab a railing somewhere.
-See first part of the last answer. Everybody wants to make as much money as possible, I'm pretty sure the guy who owns the movie theater isn't in it to make people happy. Or maybe he is, but that's lower on his list than 'make lots of money.'
-OH man, we went to Silverwood in Idaho and their ice cream shop scooped the most gimungus scoops ever. It was amazing.
-Because your parents are supposed to teach you that. People can't go relying on schools to teach their kids everything, for craps sake, I think parents need to take more responsibility for their child's well-rounded education.
-That is weird. I think it has to do with low breastfeeding rates (damn the formula companies! if you ever work on advertising for them I can't be your friend anymore) and terrible air quality.
-Some people barely have a mind. I think they are called sheeple.
-And why haven't we caught on to the European attitude towards alcohol? I teaspoon of beer always puts my toddler in a good mood.
-This guy texted me like five times in a row the other day and it frickin pissed me off. If you have that much to say just call me, jerk.
-Yeah because how are they to know how often you are even on there. What is twitter?
-Who you callin' cacapoopeepants?????

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Blogger maya mackowiak said...

this post is awesome.

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