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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yet another great weekend, and it's not even over yet.

Friday = pick up ridiculous looking heart-shaped glasses from a fellow knitter for a costume i would be wearing on saturday, watch project runway/top chef/big brother, get dominic's car washed

Saturday = wake up ridiculously early because i'm nuts, go back to sleep until 9:30, feel totally re-energized from that 2 hour nap, do a nutty race with miles/aubrey/mike where it's part amazing race part scavenger hunt part awesome, rita took pictures to blackmail us since we were wearing stupid silly costumes, run around the city in said stupid silly costumes and then walk around the city because mike forgot his asthma medicine, finish the race and steal as bananas/granola bars/water as humanly possible, go see my old neighbor and had a nice, long chat which ended in a great big hug and a promise to see eachother when dominic and i get back from mexico, pick blackberries at discovery park, take my sweet little time picking blackberries/talking to my mom/talking to dominic/staying at the sun and a great view of the mountains, watch an episode of Degrassi that i've never seen when i thought i have seen every single episode ever made!, make fig/chocolate cookies for miles, lick my fingers lots, all the while dancing around the house with the music on real loud.

now i'm pretty exhausted, but in a happy, pleasant way. the kind of way where like in the movie, Sideways, the characters sat in the sun with a good bottle of wine with friends and laughed lots. like that, but better.

stay tuned for sunday.


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