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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thank you ipod.

I really, truly love a lot of things. Sure, people smeople. But there are just some things in life I can't get enough of. Music is one of them.

Today I rediscovered a great song by Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Released. Even the title of the song - there's just something totally lovable about it. I think I've played it on repeat about 20 times today and honestly I might've never even known how much I loved it without my handy ipod - which is another one of those things I just love.

When I put my ipod on shuffle it's like I'm listening to the best jukebox ever. Probably because they are all songs I enjoy, but still - it's just something I've been addicted to since I got it, oh 4 years ago. It knows me. It's sometimes literally attached to my hip. And even when I need to be alone, it's there with me - every step of the way.

And then, thanks to itunes, when I searched for I Shall Be Released I found out I had FOUR versions of the song. I, of course, had to listen to every version multiple times while I cooked the night away before succumbing to my hour of catching up on Thirtysomething - a show I once loved, now on DVD.

And before you know it, I click on the genius button on Itunes - which allows you to make your own "mixed tape" by selecting a song. Itunes finds other songs like the one you picked and voila, the best mix ever - by just pushing a button.

From there, I rediscovered another great song. This time by John Lennon, Jealous Guy. And it all just makes me so happy. Songs. It's so silly, right? That a voice, an instrument or two and some great words can make me so weak in the knees. But it does. And I hope there's something like that out there that does that for you.

Because we all need something to love.


Anonymous Keledoş said...

İpod is Beautiful..

12:25 AM  
Blogger Annabelle Moller said...

My fav from Dylan is "Lay, Lady lay"...
I felt like I needed to comment as I recently started my blog and wrote about that song today.

8:50 AM  

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