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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can make things out of things!

This blog will be short and totally not exciting or entertaining at all. It won't say silly or witty things either. It will simply say that I made my own tooth powder and deodorant today. I used simple ingredients and my new knitting friend showed me how, and even gave me the tools to do so. She also handed me a pamphlet that teaches me to make my own no-shampoo poo (because I don't shampoo my hair and if you have curly hair you shouldn't either - because it's evil and wrong and basically like putting satan in your mane). And really that's it. See, I told you. Totally not exciting or entertaining at all. But I just really wanted to get that out there.

I love you all, except for those I don't know. Because that would be weird.

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Blogger Carol B said...

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9:38 AM  
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Blogger Cotter Cottage said...

Are you willing to share the recipe for deodorant? That would be nice. I like your blog. Good job!

6:00 AM  
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