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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I remember when...

-I wasn't scared to sleep alone.
-I was dared to eat a huge ice cream sundae and did it.
-you couldn't pay me to run.
-I got stoned multiple times a day.
-I didn't even think of things like babies, a mortgage or retirement plans.
-I thought no one had the problems I had to deal with.
-I struggled to pay the rent.
-the amount of my loans was more than what I was worth.
-I didn't know much about anything.
-I only made scarves, lots and lots of scarves.
-I hated the winter in Michigan.
-I loved swimming in Florida.
-Dominic came to my cube and asked me if he could steal my music and we talked and he made me laugh.
-I got in trouble during camp and I was on the payphone with my Mom, crying in the middle of the 1996 Olympics.
-following Dave Matthews Band one summer.
-I walked down the street in hot pink shorts, listening to my ipod in one hand and Dominic's hand in the other - all while laughing hysterically on a hot, summer Seattle day.
-the feeling I had when I beat my Grandma in gin. Victorious.
-I was the laziest person ever.
-I could eat an entire carton of peanut butter cookies, still feel hungry and not gain a thing.
-someone didn't label the decaf properly at work and I almost lost my mind because suddenly I was on some crazy jittery high from way too much coffee caffeine.
-an Italian man felt pity on my friend and I, and made us dinner when we had no place to stay in Genoa.
-I laughed like a donkey.
-someone told me I talk too much.
-you say you love me.



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