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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Crappy movies I stupidly wasted hard earned money on.

I rather see Little Nicky.
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I haven't wrote in awhile, due to the sun in Florida. I realized how much I missed it when there was a snowstorm in Michigan and didn't want to leave my house because I was too scared to drive. It's actually sort of chilly in the good ol' Fort Lauderdale, but I can't complain. Someone once asked me where the Fort is in Fort Lauderdale, and I should do some investigating because I don't think there's an actual Fort, but if there was I bet you it's kick ass.

Anyway, back to the recent movies I saw that totally sucked huge chunks.

Splangish- I can't believe people are giving this good reviews. I saw this movie secretly hoping it would be really good, and came out almost wanting to hurl. There was no plot and every character completely got on my nerves except for the grandmother. She was the only person that sort of saved this movie from being worse that Gigli (which I should see just to see how bad it really was- has anyone seen that??). Really, don't see this movie. Not funny. Not romantic. Not entertaining. And it leaves you feeling disappointed. Ugh, I hate deceiptful trailers.

Kinsey- This wasn't that bad. But the ending totally through me off. I was expecting a really good ending, since all the sex stuff in the beginning and middle were actually sort of interesting, but instead it was one of those movies were the director just ended it for no reason. Kinsey is talking in the woods with his wife about life and shit, and then boom, a crappy, cheesy ending to a sex flick. BOring. Wait for it on video.

Ray-Okay, I know everyone is jizzing over this flick, but I just didn't like it. Sure, Jamie Foxx did Ray very well, but the story just wasn't that good. And the ending was so bad and cheesy with one of the worst dream sequences I've ever "seen" I almost peed right there on my gum stained seat. I do give Jamie props for perfecting the lip syncing method. He obviously didn't go to Ashley Simpson for advice.

I'm sure I'll see other crappy movies before the year end's. I'm supposed to see Meet The Fockers and Life Aquatic sometime this week. Both received mild reviews, but I'm a stupid sucker who likes seeing movies with Bill Murray and Barb, so shove it.


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