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Friday, December 31, 2004

Next year will most likely suck.

My life has been either completely great or completely shitty this year. Reasons why:

1) I was jobless for almost a year. Yes, I could've have taken any crappy job within that year, but I was holding out for something half way decent. The pressure of not having money and then owing money to everyone you see is probably the most frustrating experience I've ever been through. Now I have been employeed for 3 glorious months, and even though the pay isn't that great, the agency isn't my dream and it's Michigan (ugh- this isn't sounding too positive, but I swear it is) at least I'm getting paid doing what I like to do and I can actually pay off my loans for the next 20 years without any worry.

2) I had a boyfriend that I loved. Now, I don't. Actually, I'm reading this book "He's just not that into you." And I'm definitely the last person you'd see reading a book like this (usually I'd laugh at people reading this book), but a friend passed it on to me and I can't say no to free so I read it. I advise anyone who is dating (chick or dick-hehe) to read this. This will free you of any pain and frustration you've been dealing with. It's actually sort of liberating and even if the pain isn't completely gone, at least I know that he was just not that into me (probably never was- bugger).

3) I'm lonely, but more independent than ever. I have a handful of friends in Michigan, which usually is enough for me but for some reason it's not (probably because of number 2- but fuck it, right?). I actually enjoy doing things by myself more than I like doing things with my friends here. Maybe it's because I've never found the kind of friends that got me like the ones I've made in college. I guess I never will, or at least that's what I've heard.

4)Movies sort of sucked/but music got a little better. A lot of disappointments in cinema for me this year. And I just saw The Life Aquatic, which reaked of piss (What happened Wes??), just like these:
Ray- blew chunks
Spiderman 2- ugh. hated it. sorry, but i did. i liked the first one better.
Kinsey- enough with sex already
I Heart Huckabees- was that movie supposed to be smart, or am i just a jackass (don't answer that- i know. i know.)

Music that was good for me this year:
The Postal Service
Felix Da Housecat (not the cartoon, but just as kick ass)
Modest Mouse (all their albums are grrreat, and it's about time they finally got noticed- too bad I'll never be able to see them for free anymore though)
The Shins
Snoop Dogg (for jizzal- yes, i like rap too- suck it)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (just got into them and so should you- fun, happy music that everyone would enjoy)

Hmmm.. That's all I got right now. Maybe I'll add more when it comes to me. And now for something completely different....

Happy Frickin' New Year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok so it's 2005 so what? it really is just another day..although i got buzzed on amarato and playing backgammon until 2:30 in the morning..so here i am on day one of 2005 and i saw meet the fockers..it sucked..i'm hoping 2005 will be a good year..i get concerned with some of the things you write..but then i remember this is barrie's personality and she is on a different plane than most humanoids...thanks god for that..think outside the box..don't stand for mediocre.
take care stay out of trouble...om mani padme hom...

9:34 PM  

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