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Monday, December 27, 2004

More Stupid Shit I've Done.

I think I did something really stupid, and I'm really regretting it now. I spent $163 on my hair! I had it dyed, highlighted, cut, shampooed, the whole damn nine fucking yards. I can't believe other chicks spend this kind of money on their hair every 3-4 months. Are these biotches smokin' crack or what? I felt like someone literally stole my purse and had a nice little shopping spree while I had to sit under some hot air balloony thing. Ugh. It was so boring I almost fell asleep as the dude was cutting what little hair I already have. Yeah, my hair looks good and shit, but still, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE DOLLARS on hair that will grow out in like a week. Every day when I wash my hair and see a few strands fall out and start floating toward the drain I'll probably shed a tear. Maybe I'll save them and put them in a jar to see how much each strand is worth now. Why do girls do this all the time? I mean I know we all want to feel pretty and crap, but I much rather spend my money on books, music, a freakin' ipod or maybe even a nice villa in Italy. The worst part is I completely stiffed the dude on the tip. I didn't realize it until I was already driving home and I didn't want to drive back, so then I felt bad about only spending $163 (that was including tip by the way- just not the kind of tip I wanted to give him) when I really should have spend more like $175, but then I thought, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ON A FREAKIN' HAIRCUT- and I kept right on driving. The next time I spend that kind of money on hair is.... never, cause it's a frickin' crime to spend that much money on hair. Ugh, I'm a stupid, stupid fool.


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