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Monday, January 03, 2005

Drink and Drive. The cops said it's cool.

But I wasn't drunking, Oficer.
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So, I just got back from Florida and I could tell right away I'd be depressed for the next 4 months, when even the plane didn't want to land in Detroit because it was too cloudy. But I'm here, working after a glorious break and what happens on our first day... a bomb threat. Which basically means we all got a 2 hour lunch, or in my case a 2 hour arcade fest! Thanks bomb threat guy for breaking up the day for me. You rock.

Okay, so yesterday I was watching Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure (don't laugh) when I saw the same commercial 4 times that really surprised the shit out of me. Here was the scenario.

Open on cop #1, "We're on the lookout."
Cut to cop #2, "For drunk drivers."
Cut to cop #3, "So, for the next 2 weeks if you're driving drunk we'll catch you."

and then they go on about how drinking and driving is dangerous, blah blah.

Yay! So, 2 weeks from now we can drink and drive and not worry about cops busting my drunk ass. You'd think the commercial was meant for Christmas/New Years, but I didn't see it prior to these events and the commercial aired 3 more times in a 2 hour span. I guess Martin Luther King Day is code for let's get fucked up and drive recklessly. But the popo will nail your ass. So, just wait a few more days and then drink it up and do as many doughnuts as your drunken little heart pleases. Cops orders.


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