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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Reality TV. More like ity TV.

It ain't real unless it's on TV.
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So, I admit it. I'm a huge fan of reality TV. I watch Survivor, Real World, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Project Runway, the list goes on and on. So, when I watched The Today Show yesterday morning I was appauled to find out about this new reality show called Who's Your Daddy? I thought they were kidding when they were explaining the premise. Some poor adopted chick has to correctly pick the one dude out of 8 smucks that might be her biological daddy. And if she guesses right, not only will her biological family be complete, but she also wins 100 grand. WTF?! Are the alphabet channels that desperate for ratings that even adopted kids get to be famous. I mean I'm sure these adopted kids are already fucked up as it is from dealing with the fact that their parents didn't want their ugly ass, but let's toture them some more by making the search into a fear factor competition.

So, I had to watch it to make sure this show was for real. And in fact, it wasn't. I mean, maybe the show was for the real. I'm assuming the people were real people and not aliens, but I was confused. The whole show seemed too staged. The adopted chick seemed like she was acting. She even walked very dramatically, like she was following some script. And then after I watched that crap-o show, I tuned into Love is in the Heir which is on E! (how exciting is that letter anyway?). And I was confused with their concept as well as a reality show goes. A princess has to find love and a job in 6 weeks or its her ass back in some foreign country with mummy and daddy. What kind of parents give a time limit on love? And everything the princess does is way too staged, right down to her gayish assistant. I mean I know that nothing in reality tv is real, blah blah blah. But can't they at least sort of fake it a little just for my amusement at least. What's worse than reality tv that isn't all that real in the first place, is reality tv with paid actors making it seem like it's real when it's really just plain brown gooey crap.


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