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Friday, February 04, 2005

A conversation between me and a drunk writer.

Drunk at work again.
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So,my friend Carl used to drink all the time before he met the love of his life, Anja. Then he was drunk on her. Now that they're doing the long distance thing, he sneaks a drink here and there, and this was our conversation via internet not too long ago, at 2:20 pm.

Excuse the minor edits (you people can't know everything about me, noisy bastards):

Me: does this headline grab you?

Carl: go

Me: headline that I won't repeat because I'm not sure if it's Dooceable.

Carl: w3ow

Carl: that fucking blows my mind

Me: shut up

Me: i hate you

Carl: no really

Carl: I think it's compelling

Carl: I'm also a bit drunk from lunch

Carl: mmmm

Carl: lunch

Me: oh, cool. thank you. compelling is good. drunk is even better.

Carl: yo

Me: good, okay you are drunk

Me: i'll talk to you later

Me: much work to do

Carl: ha ha

Carl: work

Carl: that's dumb

Carl: ciao

I hope that poor guy stays in one piece. I get scared sometimes. Anja, take good care of him (if you're reading this, but I'm sure you're not because you get to work at Arnold and are probably super busy doing amazing VW work. me jealous.)

Anyhoo, back to my list. On this episode Cherry gets locked in a freezer (YAY! PUNKY!). Shit, brain fart. Too much weird Japanese candy today. Makes me crazy. Makes me make weird lists about cities I've lived in. And with that said, I bring you New York.

Things I hated about New York (union square to be exact):

1)The noise. Every morning waking up to sirens. Or just the fact that you couldn't have a cigarette outside without at least 200 people trying to hand you a flyer or sell you a cheap designer bag. Sometimes I'd hide in the courtyard of the dorm I lived at, just to not see people.

2)Getting lost. I'm dumb, especially with directions. If I'm standing at 14th Street, I have no idea where I should be going if I want to get to 33rd. I mean, I know that I should be going North, but I never knew where North was. And then I'd finally figure it out, but I'd be someplace else and get confused all over again. And because no one else really knows where they're going in New York I just wouldn't ask and have to make a lot of walking u-turns. But, at least I stayed fit.

Things I loved about New York (I won't state the obvious, parks, museums, blah blah- although, all of that was fab!)

1)The Union Square Tai Chi group. Every Friday (or maybe it was every day- i was fucked up most of the time in New York, so it's sort of fuzzy) I would go to the little square where the skate boarders and rats hung out and the Tai Chi people would do there thing with music and everything. Free entertainment always gets a big thumbs up in my book.

2)Jessie. Big props to her. We had a kick ass time there and even if we got in fights, we'd be okay like 5 minutes later. And it was especially fun to have someone that hated the 3rd roommate as much as I did (okay, hate is strong, but she talked a lot and it drove me bananas!)

3)My internship. I did nothing at all. Probably the best internship ever, except for the not getting paid bit. But still, because of it I got to live in New York in a semi-cheap dorm. AND I got to go to The Plaza to deliver a package to Richie Sambora (thanks to Jessie's quick thinking to call me as I was most likely taking a day off for no reason whatsoever), so it was well worth the 3,000 bucks I'm still paying off on my credit card.

It's 3:20. I should be fixing copy right now so I can hopefully leave early, go to the gym, eat a gardenburger and get drunk at the WAB.



Blogger csc said...

Hey, after the preceeding IM, I attended a company sponsored Drinking Contest. Luckily, I had practiced that afternoon. So no shin-splints!


10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout. new york was cool. im too shy to write anything else on the internet, how do you do it, i feel exposed already.

1:22 PM  

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