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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rites of Passage and to be continued...

I think I broke my ass!
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I've officially been initiated into the Michigan society yesterday by falling on my ass on black ice. Damn me for rushing to go to Maya and Nicole's to knit and watch bad TV last night. I think I broke my elbow and the side of my ass hurts so bad that I brought a heating pad to work, which totally fits my grandma image that I've been trying on for fun (knitting, wearing old clothes, complaining and keeping my hair too short because I'm lazy).

What's worse is that I have no bruises to prove how much pain I'm in. I wanted some cool purpley, black war wound to show off this morning, but instead I woke up sad that all I had was my dry skin and the feeling that my elbow was about to fall off.

Why do they call it black ice? Shouldn't it be called "slippery shit that you can't frickin' see and therefore will fall on your ass and hopefully no one around will notice because if they do, they'll laugh for sure€". That's what I'll call it for now on, at least.

Now, back to my list of hatred and love for cities I've lived in. Today's blog/list will be about Allentown, PA. And since I was only 11 when my parents and I schlepped there for just a year I probably won't be very fair on this particular city, but I don't care because it's my list and I can do whatever I want, damn it.

Things I hated about Allentown, PA:
1)My first experience of a cold, cloudy winter. I remember the first day of the whole snow thing, or at least I remember it because my dad took a picture of it. Me and my crazy kitty both touching the snow with such care, like the snow would break in a million pieces if I did something wrong. Then I built a snowman and thought, "This is sort of fun, but I'm tired and cold and I much rather be at the beach making castles and shit."

2)Junior High school. I was there for 5th grade, but the school I went to there made you stay in elementary school until 6th grade and I thought this was complete horse shit. I remember thinking, I'm way mature and I don't want to be stuck here with little fucking kindergarten babies. Fuck this shit. Luckily, we moved back to Florida at the end of the summer and I got to go to middle school. Yay for me!

3)Moving there and back was pretty god damn annoying. I'm sure there was some weird shady scheme involving my parents, that I'll find out about one day, but as for now I only assume my dad had something to do with the quick move back. That's Howie for ya.

The one thing I liked about Allentown:
1)Dorney Park! So, yeah, Disney rocked da hizzouse. But it was 3 hours away and we only went 6 times a year (which to some people might seem extreme, but this was our family's idea of the only vacation spot- ever!). But Dorney Park was like 5 minutes away and I think I went like every weekend. The rickety rackety wooden deathtraps were so awesome that I'd just stay seated with my harness safely fastened until someone kicked me off.

To be continued with Manhattan....


Blogger richlevine said...

One good thing about it would also be that you lived in a place that graced the title of a Billy Joel song, and the same can be said for you upcoming analysis of NYC. You never lived in Saigon did you?

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip. See you next fall.

3:12 PM  

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