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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The day started off on the wrong foot. Literally.

Is it just me, or is it normal to find a chicken foot lodged into the spoiler of your Nissan? So, it's not just me. This happens to everyone? Oh, good. What the fuck, right.. Here's the deal-e-o:

I arrive promptly at 11 to Maya and Nicole's to begin the Ann Arbor adventure. When Maya walks in the door returning from an oil change mishap, she asks me, "Do you know you have a chicken's foot stuck in your spoiler?" I only assume she is weird and is making some kind of joke. But, no, she was telling the truth. Someone had either planted a chicken's foot/leg/tendons/feathers and all in my spoiler so good that it took 2 girls, a shoe and me running up and down the street screaming to get the sucker off my car. Or I had incidentally enough had a chicken/rooster/bird sit on my car and as I zoomed off I didn't notice I took a leg with me. So, now there's a peg legged chicken hopping around, and I if I don't wash my car soon I'll continue to have creepy one legged chicken nightmares. Ooh, maybe the chicken is wearing a patch on his eye and is trying to make it as a pirate. Nah, chickens are crazy stupid.

Ann Arbor was cool. Realized I'm way too old to be shopping at Urban Outfitters. The median age there must have been 12 and we were all trying on the same clothes. I thought the town would be a lot hippyier than it was. And actually, I'd like to blame Urban Outfitters for this too. The freshman seemed to think that was the only store in the world to shop at if they wanted to be cool. Yes, I know I have a wish list there (look, it's over there to the right.). But if they made wish lists at random tye-dye shop, or club monaco (they don't, I've checked) I'd have those on this blog too. And the clothes there were just way too expensive for poorly manufatured trying to be dorky/cool/trendy clothes. I mean spending almost 30 dollars for a shirt I know I'll see at least 5 other people wear is just not worth it to me. I'd only spend 15 for that kind of embarrasement.

Anyway, took pictures of the pretty campus. Much prettier than UF, if only for the fact that they didn't have a french fry statue in the middle of the campus. I'll probably never develop the pictures of University of Michigan (I made the mistake of asking if we were at Michigan State- you've been warned), because I used my Holga and I'm too poor to cover the cost of developing and processing the film. Being a photographer must be a bitch if you're poor.

All right, it's Sunday and I have so so so much work to do that I need to start crackin'. I think I'll stay at home instead of going to work or Sweetwaters (coffee) because I'll save gas, money and the fear that I'll rip off anymore chicken legs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barrie. It's Maya. If you're listening/reading, get thee to sweetwaters. I have a big table here and it will cost you less than 2 dollars to drink coffee. Plus, gets you out of the house. Also, attractive writer boy who I think has a girlfriend (but we'll pretend he doesn't) was here when I got here and he might just still be.

I repeat, get thee to sweetwaters.

8:13 AM  

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