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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Who are these guys?

Mmm.. Mmmm... Mmmm (gag!)
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Holy shit. I totally forgot to talk about these very important things. Well, they're not really that important. But this is my world here.

1) Girls are officially pshyco. There's one in particular that just broke up with someone I know. Then about 3 months later (just the other day), she randomly calls him (most likely because she had that Swingers moment where she wasn't feeling the love from him anymore) to say he and his friends have been giving her dirty looks, when really she's some paranoid chicky chick. He never gave her dirty looks, because he's an adult and wouldn't do that. She's just crazy and insecure. And it's a good thing they broke up and that he's finally over her. Because insecure girl who is seeing things does not make a love match. Why are some girls so insanely crazy? Some really are just nuts. Like the ones that knowingly flash their tits on Girls Gone Wild and then hope there parents won't see them on a commercial after the news. I mean, really, do you have any respect for yourself whatsoever, because it would just be a lot easier for everyone if you admitted that you're just a skank?

2. Why do guys take steroids? On Valentine's, amongst all the chicks in red at the bar, there was one musclehead that stood out. I mean his neck was as wide as my... hmm... well, it was really fucking wide. It looked fucking nasty- with veins popping out. His arms were gorilla sized and I'm only assuming his penis looked like a white, but really badly tanned tootsie roll. Who are you people? Do you think this looks hot? And if so, then what the fuck is wrong with you??

3. I'm finally going to Ann Arbor this weekend and I'm totally so excited about it. Will hopefully meet cute med students, where I will then make up some disease that they'll have to check throughouly- top to bottom (hehe). Okay, not really, but maybe I'll meet some people and force them to be my friends so I have an excuse to visit Ann Arbor more. And maybe I'll smoke some cigarettes. I miss you guys, with your cute little filters and that pretty malborlo light band. Ooh, and smoke rings. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


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