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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why drink coffee when you can get electrocuted?

The culprit!
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Well, I don't drink coffee. It just makes me sick all day. I was never sure why people could be addicted to that stuff. Sure, I'll have one cup every now and then. But mostly I'll have one cause it's warm and the idea of sitting inside while there's snow on the ground is comforting.

Anyway, what was my point of this? Right, I got electrocuted this morning. I've been waking up earlier and earlier these days, which really pisses me off. I hate waking up early, especially when I don't have to. So, I did my normal routine just a half an hour earlier than usual. And I guess my hands were still a little damp from the shower because I was so out of it, that when I took my blow dryer out of the socket- bzzz!, ouch, fuck, shit, my hand!- I got electrocuted. Man, today is starting off with a fucking bang and it's only 9:09. At least I'll be drunk tonight- hopefully on someone else's dime.

Okay, fun day at work begins...... now.


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