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Friday, February 11, 2005

What is wrong with you people!

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I had knitting night at my house, and I was overruled by the cableless knitters and was forced to endure American Idol. I can go on and on about the crappiness of that show, but I won't, because in the end I'd still watch it- crap and all. So, I had to tape Project Runway and watch it during lunch yesterday and I just couldn't believe it. How does Wendy do it? She makes crap after crap after crap and somehow she sneaks her skunkass hair in. I mean, I didn't really like Austin's style (or his makeup) either, but I can see the flair in his clothes and thought he should at least have a shot in the final 3. What gives? I think there's some politics going on that we don't know about.

A) She's a bitch. And as much as I rather see a whole TV show surrounding Jay, the big wigs at Bravo are probably jizzing over the fact that they have some kind of Amaroso on their show.

B) She won the Banana Republic competiton. And, go figure, they sponsor the show. What a coinkedeenk (sp?).

I just read an article about how they already had the runway competition and that Jay's show was just fab. If I could afford fancy clothes, I'd definitely buy his. Kara can totally design for the stars, but to me her clothes seem typical.

And speaking of pilates....

My pilates instructor loved my mixed cds so much, she asked me to make more and even offered money! Normally, I'd say, "Fuck yeah, bitch. Give me $20 or it's your ass!", especially since right now I'm about to bounce my loan check. But I refused her donation because I figured I get to be in her class for free (thanks to all those christians at the Y- i wonder if they can smell the jew on me?) and good karma is a bitch, but I'm starting to realize it's the only way to live.


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