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Friday, February 11, 2005

Sponsor my trip to New York.

Who wants to give me money? I have exactly 135.35 dollars right now(even though I don't spend a god damn dime) and my loan gets automatically debited off my account, which is 135.18. So, on the 14th I shall be a whole $.17 richer than a bum (that is unless someone felt bad for said bum and gave him a quarter). Luckily, I get paid the very next day, but still how is this happening to me? I really don't spend any money. I don't even buy yarn. I find sweaters I don't wear anymore and unravel them to support my habit. Hopefully, there's a raise in my near future. But in the meantime, my roommate has been talking about seeing the Gates exhibit in Central Park and when I was watching The Today Show, Katie was standing in front of the unfinished jungle gym type structure and I was jealous. I want to be there. I want to see it. Why can't I just fly there at a moments notice? Why do I only have 17 cents to my name when I have an actual job and no life? Why did I go to college and then grad school, if I have to suffer for the next 5-10 years making bubkiss and always worrying that I have some crap fuck loan to pay! ARGH! It's a good thing I just ordered a lot of food at the studio today (FOR FREE!), so I can eat free lunch and free dinner. That, I guess, will save me some money (for now).


Anonymous Debbie said...

Christo BLOWS! The Gates exhibit will suck just as much or more than everything else he has done. Don't be drawn in to his fabric web of crap.

8:43 PM  

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