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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Or a nickel?

Can you spare a dime?
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It's Saturday. 10:30 PM. I just finished watching Lost on tape and so far I haven't spent any of the 17 cents I have in the bank. Here's what I've done for free so far:

1) Watched Shawn of the Dead on On Demand. Sure it cost 4 bucks, but I won't get charged for that for a few more weeks, so for now it's free!

2) Hiked. And yay for my suggestion of going someplace new. Indian Springs is different, prettier and doesn't have a shooting range near by (compared to Stoney Creek). Plus, roommate drove, which means I didn't even waste gas and mileage.

3) Knitted. I finished the hippy bag I've been working on for weeks now. Still have to make the strap, but at least I'm done with that. Hands still hurting though. Worth the pain.

4) Received 2 presents (that's almost like getting money--BONUS!). One from Kelly- 2 mini bags of M&M's and a grow-a-man-date thing which as of now still hasn't work. I've submerged in water like back of container suggests, and still said date has not grown. Maybe it's me??

Other present from Maya- MY KNITTING NEEDLE CASE IS SO FUCKING SWEET!- especially the inside. The outside is made from an old cool yellow sheet I snatched after grandma died. And the inside is a plethora of European/Middle Eastern flair. It contained pieces of an Amsterdam shirt I never wore, and a Bob Marley shirt that I always wore because it said his name in hebrew and had smoke coming up from his grave. Oh, it looks so awesome. Thanks Maya!

5) More Anne of Green Gables. Got through the rest of the DVD at Maya and Nicoles whilst finishing hippy bag. And got a kick out of watching the sequel on tape that would constantly need tracking adjustments and would randomly be interrupted by the smurfs and whatever else maya accidently taped when she was 8.

6) Thrift window shopping. Walked (saving gas again!) with Nicole and found adorable skirt for only 8 bucks. Oh, how I wish I just had 7.83 more dollars. I'm hoping it's still there on the 15th (no wonder I'm a broke ass!). Discovered that new vintage store is even cheaper than my favorite vintage store in Royal Oak (Lost and Found). But also discovered that I hadn't been to Lost and Found in such a long time because they've expanded the store into the size of two stores, and I got way too excited. Expansion made me want to touch every record, old scarf and aligator shirt they had. (kelly- they had johnny cash albums!)

7) Feeding on free leftover pizza, indian food, flying biscuits (atlanta anyone?) and cookies roommate made for the last 3 days. Haven't even touched food that I bought last week when I had money. And since most of that bought food from last week is in the freezer, it's still safe to digest. Free food is the best thing in the whole entire universe!

Done with list, and because I'm an old poor maid I'm also getting tired. Sucks waking up at 8 in the freakin' morning even when you don't have to go to work. Damn internal clock strikes again!


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