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Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm doomed and probably bored.

Shut up you old hag!
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I'm back. Not having money really means watch lots of TV and spend even more time on the internet. Who am I kidding, I do this even when I do have some cash to blow. I did go on another hike today with Mark and we started talking about relationships and how weird Michigan is (this is what we mostly talk about- that and work). So, I got to thinking I'm pretty much doomed. Reasons being that the woman I've met have fallen into 2 categories.

1. Over 30, never in a real relationship (or divored because they married too young at some Michigan mixer), too independent and just don't seem to mind being on their own (not that there's anything wrong with this by any means... blah blah). Even if over 30 woman is nice looking, smart and all that other shit, she for some reason is never going on dates.

2. Woman who is closer to my age (23-28), and is either dating long term and plans to get married like tomorrow, or already married and planning on having at least 3 kids by the time they turn 30 (not that there's anything wrong with this by any means.. blah blah).

I as sure for shit don't fall into either of these catogories, but if I keep living here I might end up being that over 30 year old singledoom- and I won't be happy with that. I mean a girl has her needs. That basically means I have to find a guy right now, or move. I'm leaning more towards the move because:

1)Michigan people stay in Michigan.

2)I don't want to go to my in laws every weekend for dinner. (they do that here)

3)(not really pertaining to this list, but) Roommate might move, and I can't afford to live on my own when all I have is 17 cents.

4)I couldn't live in a place that invented a holiday known as Sweetest Day. Who are these people?

And speaking of relationships, I guess tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I got a card from Kelly, because she's always giving people cards. Anyway, it said I shouldn't be sad, and FYI- asking someone not to be sad, is like saying, remember to be sad today (no worries, kelly). But honestly, this day doesn't mean all that much to me. Sure, I had romantic evenings on Valentines past, but I had romantic evenings on other days that weren't on Feb. 14. Days I'll probably remember more than the Valentine's Days. That's why I never understood bitter bitches, girls that had to get back together with their ex's just to celebrate the day, and snobs who demanded tiffany boxes. I mean, take for instance, 4 snobby bitches on Fox News who said chocolate and flowers are so overdone and should not be given anymore! Who says something like that. Selffish bitches, that's who. And for some reason these women are married. I just don't get this world anymore.

Ooh, some fun vintage finds on A&E so I'm off to watching tv again.


P.S. If you want to see my kickass needle holder Maya made me (because I know you are just dying to!) then go to:


(sorry, i'm not sure how to link through a blog yet. will learn later.)


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