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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I almost killed myself with Bed Head.

Dear Bed Head associates (the product, not the effect of flat hair on one side, crazy man hair on the other):

Your product sucks! Sure it makes my hair manageable and all that shit, but what good is that if I almost slit my wrists handling the plastic deathtrap you call a container.

I noticed the deteoritation of the bottle 2 weeks ago. I heard a little crack. Then, yesterday it happened, much like my friend Caitlin, who randomly lost her convertible top while driving on 85 (I would have shit myself), the bottle quite suddenly broke in half. This then left me with a mess of green glittery bed head gunk all over me, and a sharp portion of plastic just wanting to jab my arm. Luckily, I stole your crap product from my mom so I didn't waste 15 bucks on some popular hair styling mechanism, but still, I could've died! Or at the very least had a little cut that required the tiniest of band-aids.


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