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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm a poet, and I didn't even... oh, fuck it.

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My friend Kelly is pretty interesting. She's been writing haikus and then sends them to me. I think this is fab, especially since she wants to write a book one day. Except she doesn't want to write a poetry book. She wants to write a David Sedaris type book (don't we all?). But, now I'm sorta thinking she's going in the wrong path. Haikus seem to be her calling. Take this as an example:

Hungry, hear me roar
Smoke treats cloud my taste buds dark
oh pudding. I'm yours.

She wrote it because she saw a guy at Farmer Jack's buying a Hungry Man dinner, a pudding snack pack and a box of Malboro Lights (are you sure that wasn't Nik?)

FYI- I'm not kidding, Kelly. This haiku made me piss myself. Not sure if that's what a haiku is suppose to do, but it made me "feel" or whatever, so I guess it works!


Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Barrie.

Seems a little self serving for me to write a comment because you wrote about me,but thanks for the compliment. I've been enjoying the haiku's.

Maybe I can use my haiku's as page breaks in my david sedaris novel.

6:30 AM  

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