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Thursday, March 03, 2005

My mommy is cooler than yours.

So, it's been a long fuck off day. But I'm about to get the heck out of here to get fucking trashed. Before I do, I'd like to share with you a little survey my mommy (yes, I call her mommy, what's it to you?) filled out for me. Her answers are cute. Or at least I think so.

Your name: Marcia Arliss

Where did we meet: In the labor & delivery room when you were born

Take a stab at my middle name: Alana

Do I believe in God: sometimes

How long have you known me: 26 yrs

What was your first impression of me upon meeting: that you were the
most beautiful baby

Color of my eyes: green

Do I have any siblings: yes

What's one of my favorite things to do: knit, play guitar, hike

Do you remember one of the first things I said to you: da da

What's my favorite type of music: all kinds

Whatis the best feature about me: your face

Am I shy or outgoing: you were shy but as a woman you have become very
out going

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: a little of each

What's your favorite memory of me: too may to mention

Any special talents: everything you do is special

Would you consider me a friend: yes & a great daughter

If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be: bar

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I
bring? Your knitting needles & IPOD

P.S. I just started to knit, so I think everyone thinks I'm on some knitting bandwagon. This is exactly what happened to me when I had a curious george calendar. Someone thought I was obsessed with curious george and from then on that's the only crap I got. The madness stopped at one point, but every now and then someone gets the bright idea to give me some stupid curious george shit. No offense to those, but I'm not 5 anymore.



Blogger Joshua said...


5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i guess that means that my mommy is cooler than yours? my eyes are hazel...i was the baby that took 38 hours to be born..probably why i'm the least liked child..hahahha..i am cool and i love my sibling..if i was stuck on a desert island i would bring you...love scarlet

10:50 AM  
Blogger marcia said...

I love of both. you because you took 38 hrs & caused me so much pain (ha,ha) doesen't mean I love you less. Your very cool. Never beleive I love you less. Stop thinking that. Your special in your own way.

4:07 AM  
Blogger marcia said...

Hey, Take that picture down people are going to think your mother really looks like that. Put a picture of Renee Russo or someone who still looks good for being in their late fifties.

4:29 AM  

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