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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Stay away.

You stink! No, really.
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I just ate a shit ton of garlic soaked pasta, and although it was quite delicious, I totally stink. I don't even want to talk to myself because my breath smells so bad. Good thing I'm not trying to get with any boys at work, or I'd be doomed for sure.

Speaking of boys at work, I can't trust the art director (hehe). I write one thing in yesterday's blog, and he got all middle school on me. So, I was forced to edit myself. Not that you care, but I don't like taking out bits just because someone might see it. Hohum.

So, is anyone in love with the new Adidas commercial as much as I am? I heard Kathy O. - the chick that sang the song in the background - is gonna make it into a full length version. Suweet.

On other news.... I watched The Bachelor, and honestly, it wasn't that bad. With the new "rules", and the hopes that Jerry O'Connell will appear in each and every episode, I might just be excited every Monday. Thank god too, because Fear Factor blows!

As for a list today, I've decided to dedicate this one to the roommate:

Things I'll miss about the roommate and the house we lived in:

1) He gives me things for free, like an air conditioner, full-length mirror, binoculars, painting supplies, medicine ball, etc.

2) He's totally cool with letting me borrow shit, letting me take naps on his couch, letting me watch reality tv whenever I want (unless Deadwood is on).

3) He has grown-up super uber comfy furniture. I will never have it this good again- or at least not for another 10 years.

4) ALL his magazine subscriptions. Readymade, EW, Newsweek, Esquire, etc. I will have to suck it up and actually get Readymade. Damn it.

5) He never gets angry when I'm being stubborn and girly.

6) He doesn't get all boy on me when I cry.

7) He likes to go on hikes.

8) The backyard we had was so awesome. I will have to sleep outside the next few days just to absorb the awesomeness of the backyard. And I'm so upset that I won't be able to watch the pretty trees spring their pretty leaves. I should take pictures with my Holga as a memory. My new yard is nice, but it overlooks the neighbors that throw their trash in their yard and let their dog shit on all the said trash. Gross.

9) I loved roommate's amoir. I want one just like it in my new room right now, damn it!

10) We actually did the roommate cooking/splitting food thing really well. I've never eaten so healthy before. Hope new Kosher roomie will cook with me.

And for a list of the thing(s) I couldn't stand about the roommate:

1) His ex-girlfriend was way too fucking loud! (hehe- gross- gag)

The end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gonna miss you too roomie. sorry you can't keep the armoire or the couch. guess you'll have to visit them in la.

peace da fuck out,


8:44 PM  

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