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Monday, March 21, 2005

I did nothing this weekend, and loved it!

I'm in love!
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Besides some random visits from friends, knitting and a midnight concepting session for a spot due the next day, I basically sat my ass on Mark's comfy couch and watch a shit ton of TV. Here's a list of everything I watched Friday-Sunday:

Degrassi: The Next Generation (not as good as DJH)

Radio Free Rosco - I loved this show! It's like 90210, but better and with dj's. Take my word for it.

Caddyshack - I can cross that movie off the list. It was indeed funny.

Unscripted - I watched the whole first season. Burp! I really liked it. Hope it goes to another season, because it seems that George Clooney makes a new HBO series every month. We'll see what happens with this one.

13 going on 30 - Not funny. Not interesting. Not even close to Big. And Jennifer Garner bothers the shit out of me. She seems to always be flexing her arms. Ugh.

What not to wear (BBC) - We don't get BBC with the regular cable, so when I searched for shows on our On Demand I was pleasantly surprised that BBC is one of the channels they have. I loved this show, and always thought it was much better than the crap american duo they have now.

Sex and the City - I had to squeeze one in.

Oh, and a behind the scenes of Garden State. Whew. That was enough TV for a month. I think I had my fix and probably overloaded. I'm done now. At least I didn't spend any money. Oh, crap, I did. I bought 20 bucks worth of knitting crap. But they will become amazing dishclothes that I'll love and you can't have any!

Oh my god. There is so much work to do. I can't be blogging for like a week, but I'm sure I will.


Blogger marcia said...

There is always time for Sex & The City. And I still haven't gotten anything you've knitted. Marcia

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sex and the city is one of the worst shows...my brain cells were actually oozing from my brain....another show i have seen 5 minutes of and more brain cells oozing was friends..the absoulute worst in tv...and speaking of knitting a poncho...did your mom have a really cool poncho that today would of blown away minds..she probably got rid of it along with all her hippie stuff..what a waste...

7:40 PM  

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