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Monday, May 09, 2005

I don't want to take you to a gay bar, but I know some people that do.

Man, I missed you blog. Was in Denver, and then relaxing and then seeing Electric Six (hence the title of today's blog). I didn't realize when I saw them that they were the people responsible for the song/lipsyncing sequence between tony blair and prezzy bush that I saw ages ago. Funny shit. Click down there. No, right there.

Gay Bar

I suggest seeing this wicked awesome band if they come to your town. The music was pretty good shit you can dance to and get crazy with. But the real entertainment was watching the lead singer. He's such a character, that just seeing him alone was worth the 10 bucks. His satanic grins, and child-like waves to the crowd kept me sticking around waiting to see what he'd do next. Go!

As for airplane news, jesus christ can some single serving friends just shut the fuck up. Luckily, she wasn't my ssf, because I was too busy thinking up concepts and listening to Bright Eyes over and over again. But man, was she a pisser (as my mom would say). She went on and on about how her mom wanted her to get married and have kids and she was only 24 and she didn't even have a boyfriend yet, and that she hated people that were waiting to have babies in their 30's so that maybe her mom was right, and that she wasn't very arrogant, but she's the teacher's favortie student and she's gotten this award and that award, and she's been to this country and knows 4 languages and she's trying to go for her masters and get a job and everything in life is so hard and oh my god will you ever shut up. Keep in mind this was only the portion I had to listen to because we were landing and that whole- turn off your electronics because if you don't the plane might explode and it will be all your fault because you wanted to listen to bright eyes instead of hearing the annoying fuck sitting next to you ramble on and on about life and shit.

Besides that, the weekend was just dandy. I wish I only had to work Monday to Wednesday. How fucking damn awesome would that be?! Of course, I'd be crazy poor and thus not be able to buy anything or do anything fun on Thursday or Friday. So it goes. (I'm reading Slaughterhouse Five right now- so, I'm sorry Kurt, but I just stole your line because I like it.)

Another week goes on.



Blogger Mayarn said...

You know... I say "so it goes." and I haven't read that book yet. I'm not sure where I got it from...

Electric 6 rules. I'd like to try waving childishly at people and see if they wave back. Ah, the power of the stage...

8:31 AM  

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