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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Um, hardly.

A recent poll says most stars make poor role models. No shit. Who needs a poll to determine that.

Plus, who the fuck is making these polls? I want that job.

"Hey, man, after you I take a hit off that dank shit, we should make a poll."

"About what?"

"Stars being role models. I think they are."

"I don't. Go fuck yourself."

"Okay, I will. But more importantly, puff puff give man, puff puff give."

All right, I'm a little tired and sorta played a little hookey from work for a bit. But I'm back, and I still don't get the whole role model thing.

One moron who answered the stupid poll said that these stars don't have morals because they get divored and sleep around. But, who doesn't? I mean I know a girl who took accidently took a shit in a Nordstrom bathroom (not in the toilet- on the floor), but she's only human, right? People and their fucking morals. Give me a break, Nell Carter. Oh, wait, you're dead. Damnit!


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