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Monday, July 25, 2005

Addictions and other crap I saw today.

Ahh, beer.
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First off, I must share the oddest thing I saw at 7 am today.

A priest, smoking a pipe looking like a bad motherfucker looked straight at me like, "What, bitch?", as I was in my car jamming to Sly and Family Stone's song "Thank You". I felt like I was in a movie, I swear.

Okay, now back to the weekend.

Friday: Saw a late showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Ann Arbor. I'm a little conflicted, but as of today I stand by the original. Sorry Tim Burton, I know you're a genius and all, and going by the book is usually better, but I like me some sing-a-longs.

Saturday: What a whirlwind! Woke up and headed straight for Flimflam (Man, those spinach and feta omlettes are the best ever!). Then proceeded to go to the infamous Ann Arbor Art Fair (or fart air, as Steve would like it called). Maya couldn't go because of some party, so it was just the roomie and myself once again. We really need to get him the "He's not my boyfriend. Please hit on her." t-shirt. It was such a nice day, and we decided what better way to enjoy it than to spike our smoothies with airplane shots. Thus, the adventure began. We asked some frat guy where the nearest liquor store was and even the frattie was impressed by our actions and followed our lead. After our purchases we arrived at the Smoothie stand, where they were making us pay 5 whole bucks for a small plastic cup of papaya, strawberry and banana goodness. Then, realizing that they might lose a sale, the 14 year old behind the counter told us we can get free refills if we bring back our cup. DEAL! We tossed our watermelon flavored vodkas in our smoothie and tossed them back before we could even cross the street. There's way more to this story that involved a slight altercation with the owner of said smoothie stand and a security chick at the Student Union where we spiked our drinks, but it's too long to tell and I probably have work to do.

Then it was off to the pool for what was suppose to be 30 minutes, and turned into 2 hours.

Then we hit the beer festival in a town I still can't pronounce (Yipslilante? Yipsilante? Yippy? Oh, fuck it!). Realized Steve's hot friend has a different girl around his arm every time I see him. Told Steve I wouldn't want to be the next flavor (not that I had the opportunity), but he's still hot nonetheless.

Next up a random party, where I ate free food and drank more beer.

Then to home we went, where we (including Maya, yay!) watched The Meaning of Life. It's weird that it wasn't as funny as I remembered. I think that movie depends on your state of mind, time of day, how tired you are, who you're with and what you've done that day, because I just wasn't that into it. Oh well.

Sunday: Was pretty boring, so I'll stop now.

Oh, wait- no I won't because:

Today: Feather bowling commences at 8:30. Details to come.



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