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Friday, July 01, 2005

Hello Hotlanta.

I lived there once.
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Now that I just got myself a brand spankin' new job, and I have 5 days between the old job and new job, I'm actually able to travel with my own money and have some fun. I've been promising Caitlin I'd come and visit, so in two weeks I'll be back in good ol' Hotlanta! Plans are to get a tan and see friends I haven't seen in about a year. Oh, and to eat! I miss Ru San's! I miss Cafe Intermezzo! I miss Bagel Palace! I miss Felini's! Oh geez, I'm gonna get fat aren't I? Oh well, that's what Caitlin's gym is for. As for boys, well, that's where Jen comes in. Her taste in guys is definitely the exact opposite of what I'd ever like (I think she still refers to her guy friends as Chi Phis/boys that put too much gel in their hair and spike it up so even if a hurricane came through their hair is still ready for a night out in Buckhead), but I'm not asking to date anyone, so things should be fun.

Anyway, I emailed the ex to tell him I'd be in town and thought it would be nice to see him. Then I remembered why we broke up in the first place. It became such an issue, with 6 emails back and forth, that I just got sick of the whole situation. I'm like, dude, I just thought we could start over and be friends. I don't want to have sex with you or anything. Get over yourself. Ugh. I'd like to know who really remains friends with their ex. And I'm not talking about a guy/girl you dated for a few months. That totally doesn't count.

Well, that's it. Today is a half day, which means I get a 4 and 1/2 day weekend! I'm thinking Tastefest to see G. Love and Electric 6, mixed in with some walks at the park and end with a ride on the neighbors boat. Fun times will be had.

Happy July 4th! Don't blow off a hand.


Blogger Mayarn said...

do you know that old song abotu Atlanta?

"Ooooohhh, Atlanta!
I hear you caaaa-aallllin'
I'm comin' back to you
one fine daaa-aaaayy"

That the one for you.

9:11 AM  

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