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Monday, July 18, 2005

Atlanta and first day jitters.

Don't drink and ride on planes.
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So, I'm back!

Here's how the week went down.

1. Visited friends.
2. Got a cut and dyed hair at the Aveda Institute for only 44 bucks! And I love it dark.
3. Laid out (a little).
4. Almost had an anxiety attack in Ikea because that place is just way too fucking big. Came out buying nothing and was completely scared to ever go back in their again.
5. Went to Felini's, RuSan's, Bagel Palace and that Mexican place with the fish tacos (I always forget the name of that place, but it's damn tasty)
6. Also went to Leopard Lounge, Central City, Meehan's and Treehouse.
7. Drank approximately 10 beers, 4 saki bombs, countless glasses of wine and 7 somethings and vodkas.
8. Saw the ex boyfriend and settled the score. Got a little tipsy, laughed and hugged good-bye. Mother- no comments please.
9. Got the cutest skirt in Little 5 Points.
10. Overall, the trip was a success.

Only problem was that I stayed out too late on Saturday. Somehow one drink turned into okay, I'll have just one more. And suddenly I realized I had to wake up at 10 to get on a plane. I DO NOT ADVISE DOING THIS. I was so hungover on the plane that the only way to get through the trip without using that very handy puke bag was to pass the fuck out. Just imagine going on a rollercoater after tossing a few shots back. It's no good. Luckily, I didn't throw up and spent the rest of the day at home sitting my ass on the couch.

And now....

I'm at my new job. The first week is always a little wierd. I know a few people here, but not enough to go bother them just yet. Plus, now that I have a huge office I almost don't want to leave. Honestly, this office is bigger than my previous boss's office and she makes WAY more than I ever hope for. It's crazy insane. And it's also a little too corporate for me. I think I'll need Steve to move my tacky Goodwill chair one more time, to spice this place up a bit.

Okay, that's it. Nothing else to say. For reals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

their( P ) Pronunciation Key (thâr)
adj. The possessive form of they.
Used as a modifier before a noun: their accomplishments; their home town.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Barrie said...

i make one tiny mistake and mr. anonymous has to bring it to my attention. sorry, i don't have a spell check or grammar control on my blog. geez!

6:23 AM  
Blogger seth said...

I was gonna make the same suggestion, but figured it was too jerky of a thing to do... especially on a first day at work. Enjoy the office!

7:24 AM  

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