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Friday, July 08, 2005

I can't see, but at least I look like a girl.

Contact this bitch!
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I got contacts yesterday!!!! They hurt like fuck, and actually I don't think these prescriptions are right, but who cares when I don't need glasses anymore. I was actually over an hour late for work because I was trying to jam the little slippery suckers into my bloodshot eyes. I still have no idea if I can put myself through this much torture on a daily basis when it's so easy to just put on my crooked scratched glasses, but I'll try because I miss my normal non-glassy face. AND I get to wear my kickass 5 dollar sunglasses that I've been dying to wear since last year! Wohoo!!!!

In other news, it's my last day at the studio so in an hour they are taking me to get pizza and beer. Emphasis on the beer.



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