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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A brief overview of the long ass weekend that went by too fast.

That's one fucked up ride.
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Honestly, I know I won't be able to remember everything I've done in 4 1/2 days of haze and fun, but I will try.

Friday: Yay! Half-day! Took a power nap, and got ready for Tastefest. Saw G-love and Special Sauce. He wasn't as Saucy as I remember him being. Then went to see Electric Six, which of course was totally awesome. Ate food, drank drinks then headed for home.

Saturday: Went to the park. Because I knew the next few days were going to be a little crazy, I didn't want to do too much, hence I watched the cheesiest movie of the century- The Notebook. I swore to myself I'd never see such crap, but it was on Starz and I just needed mindless shit to watch while doing laundry (excuses, excuses). Here's Barries Notes on The Notebook:

Part 1: old dude reads a "story" to equally old chick about guy and girl fall in love. of course he's poor, she's rich. the first half hour consists of them kissing/me gagging.

Part 2: they break up/her mother doesn't give her the letters he wrote (every day for a year- gag!)/she then falls in love with some other dude, but you know this doesn't matter because...

Part 3: the first guy and girl see each other and get it on porn style, even though she's engaged (slut). she has to decide between the two. oh, the torture. i wonder who she's gonna pick. you guessed it right- the first dude wins. the end. but wait.....

Part 4: return to the last half hour of these old people saying how much they love each other even though the old bitch has dementia. they both die.

why do girls like this movie? am i not normal for not liking it? good, i never wanted to be normal.

Sunday: Lew's party. Was only planning on staying for a few hours. Then 7 hours later, I had to force myself to go home before it was too late. Left party realizing I left everything I came with there. Decide I'm in no way driving back. I'll wait till morning....

Monday: Woke up way too early to go on the neighbor's boat. Went back to Lew's to pick up my bathing suit. His house looked like Animal House (or maybe PCU). It was bad and sorta smelled. Bottles, and people everywhere. I slipped in and out without waking up a soul. Then headed for the Lake and had a kick ass time floating around with Maya, Steve and the Neighbors. I decide I need a boat. I also decide Carl needs to buy a sailboat, so we can take adventures- pirate adventures! Argh!!

Tuesday: Woke up early once again. TJ, Mike, Ward and I went to Cedar Point. It rained the whole way there, and we thought we were doomed for sure. Got lost a little in Ohio (don't get lost there). Finally arrived, and an hour later the clouds parted and the sun showed its pretty little self! Rides, walking, eating, rides, sitting, beer drinking, waiting on very short lines, more rides, oh and that scary thing on the right. It was insane. Everyone needs to go on that ride at least once in their sad little lives, or they just ain't livin'. Got home at 2 am! Realized going with three single guys to an amusement park means you have to hear them drool over 14 year olds girls wearing those shorter than daisy duke short shorts. You guys!

The end. Fun indeed. Now I just need to recoup. Maybe I'll leave early! Heck, I'm leaving in a week anyway.



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