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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Advertising people are weird.

Haha. You're dead!
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And here's proof.

My friend Carl changed his cell phone number, because he lives in Miami now and apparently when you move there you immediately become cool, especially when you work at the best ad agency in the world/universe/solar system/you get my point here. Anyway, he emails about 25 of us to inform of this cell phone number change about 4 days ago, and then yesterday the hilarity ensued. I'd like to point out that I started the reply all extravaganza and all its annoyances it probably caused for the other 20 people who didn't care.

I wrote:
where should we bury the old one?

Then Carl's finance wrote:
let's have a moment of silence for the 770 number.
it was one good number. :)

To which Nik wrote:
I remember this one time me and the 770 number were really drunk and it
turned to me and said, "This is Carl Corbitt, please leave a message, mmm

Man, I laughed like hell.

So it goes.

Then Carl got in the game:
Within the next week, there will be a 20 ringtone salute and my new
phone will play an mp3 of amazing grace as the 770 number is
disconnected from life support and its spirit released back into the

In lieu of flower please donate your old cell phones to

(side note: this is when I almost pissed myself. carl's learning a thing or two at that crispin porter.)

And then Justin decided to join the conversation:

It also thought Carl and I got into 1show. Stupid number.

(side note2: 1show/one show is like the academy awards for ad people)

Then I wanted to add one more thing, to which I replied all and said:
Okay, I'll be sitting shiva at my place.

Services will be held in Gwinnett at his folks residence, where it all started.


Then the only other Jew at Portfolio Center wrote:
well if you makes all you of feel any better, IT WAS A STUPID FUCKING NUMBER!!!! And I hated it's stupid little number face!!!!!

with love

Then Nik came back for seconds:
Zorn, holy shit, man.
You must be really broken up about this. I've never seen so many typos in
one sentence..."well if you makes all you of feel any better."

I guess now that you're a west coast guy, you're just too laid back for
proper syntax.

Zorn had to correct himself by saying:
fuck- you're right man. This whole cell phone thing has me torn to pieces. Oh that and my old partner is now at crispen. But fuck it, im west coast now, i dont work hard anymore.

And then, finally a non ad type replies all and thus the end of this reply all debate (or so we all may think).

You advertising people are weird. Go fuck yourselves. Oh, and don't
forget Saucebox Finery for all of your screenprinted promotional items.
Saucebox Finery: Customized = Recognized, bitches.

I love the fact that he advertised his business. I know it was a joke, but it was a nice joke indeed.

And now in other news, I have to work.

Peace out bitches.


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