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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Don't blame me.

This will have to do.
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This would have been the funniest/sickest blog ever, but I promised someone I wouldn't write about the weirdest incident in history of incidents knowing that THE WORLD or in my case 5 people will be reading this later.

So, with that said, it's plan B, which won't be funny at all. And honestly, you probably should stop reading this now and forever, because nothing would have compared to what I was going to write. But if you want to keep reading, I won't stop you. But really, you're missing out. For real.

Plan B blog goes a little something like this:

There hasn't been anything to watch on TV except crap reality tv. And usually that would make me the happiest person ever, but the reality that is tv during the summer is taking a nosedive into some black hole of crap.

Let's examine The Cut, because it's the one I've seen more than once and honestly I almost shot myself the second time around.

1. Tommy's daughter's show on MTV was way better. Or at least more entertaining because she was a little rich girl who made Paris Hilton seem like a hillbilly.

2. Tommy's catchphrase is "You're out of Style. Please leave the runway." WHAT THE FUCK!! I mean I know ever since da Trump's "You're fired" or Probst "The tribe has spoken" or even that lame fuck on Fear Factor who says, "Obviously fear isn't a factor for you." everyone needs a fucking catchphrase, but this one is just completely ridiculous! Wouldn't the more obvious slaying phrase be, "You're cut!" considering the show itself is called The Cut. Fucking writers!!

3. Okay, there really isn't a 3. The show fucking blows. Everything about it. No one should watch it, including me. I'm praying for Project Runway to come back on and save me from this reality crap I must endure!

As for other crap reality shows that I only watched 15 minutes of and then immediately found myself in the bathroom puking my brains out:

1. Brat Camp
2. That Hilton crap show.
3. Rock Star: INXS
4. The 70's House on MTV.
5. Hell's Kitchen

Okay, I've come back to this blog about 15 times. I think I'm finally done.


The end.


Blogger marcia said...

reading is really a good thing!!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE REALLY GOING TO WRITE!!

4:20 AM  
Blogger Mayarn said...

oh good God - you make it sound like I ruined your blog! bah humbug.

6:03 AM  

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