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Monday, August 08, 2005

It's been a good 17 years.

RIP Angel.
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I remember the day we got Angel, my very first cat. My parents and I went to the store and picked her out. She was just a little bitty thing and she was all mine. For the first few weeks, she didn't do much but sleep and look cute and fuzzy. Then the switch went off. She became crazy cat. It probably didn't help that she grew up in a crazy household where once a week my dad would say things like, "We'll just eat Angel for dinner." or fly her into the oven just for laughs. And oh, how we laughed. I hadn't help matters by spinning her around in the air and then accidentally let her go to see her fly and fall with a thud. So it goes.

17 years later, she still hates us. She would run away at least once a year, and would actually growl at the new/cuter/gentler cat that joined the household about a year ago. She didn't like people, and would spend most of her time running away from me or hiding underneath my parents bed. But I liked torturing her. Catching her was hard, so when I actually had her in my arms I'd make her dance and boy did she hate it. But I enjoyed it too much to care. I still can't believe I was only 11 when we got her, and now this week my mom is putting her to sleep. She was a little bitch for sure, but she was my little bitch and she was a good edition and she'll be missed.

RIP Angel (oh and Peter Jennings).


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