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Monday, August 01, 2005

This has gone too far!

My one true love.
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Okay, the bling party was blinging. I'll show pictures later (once Maya posts them on her blog, I'll have to pick the best one. ooh, Maya are you gonna post that little video of me saying yo yo a lot. that was funny)

BUT, I totally forgot to tell you what I did last week. It's really not that big of a deal, but it's sorta weird. I bought a 4 lb container of peanut butter. And no, I wasn't at Cosco. I was at the regular supermarket and realized, I really do love peanut butter. I eat it all the time (fuck that reduced fat shit- that's for pussy's- or is that pussies?). I particularly like it on apples, but I'll just eat it out of a spoon if need be. I honestly think that is the reason I'm not a stick. But fuck it, I never wanted to be a waif. Anyway, Steve said there's no way I could finish that in a year. And already I'm 1/3 done. Sure, my belly hurts now and then but it's worth it. That gooey, cruncy goodness just makes my mouth water. YUMMY!

Okay, that blog was completely pointless. Good thing I have a shit ton of radio spots to keep me busy.



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