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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just another day on 9 mile.

Look ma, crack heads!
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So, I live in Ferndale. Which is actually a pretty nice city. It's charming, and when you walk down the streets, the lamps play music. The stores are cool, vintagey types and the restaurants have live bands and veggies to serve. It's all very pretty and it's working on becoming even better, with more stores opening up every month, without losing it's charm.

BUT, there's a little snag. Being one mile from 8 mile (yo, Em, where you at dawg?) you do get some eye sores every now and then. For instance, the grocery stores. There's one that's great, but closes slightly early then the ghetto one just across the street. Hence, yesterday the scene I had to witness at Ferndale Foods.

Me: Waiting in line to buy my bread.

Crackhead wife: Skinny, jittery thing looking around nervously, with a silly grin on her face.

Crackhead husband: Wearing dark sunglasses inside, with no expression at all.

Their purchase: A 12 pack of some America's Choice brand ice cream sandwiches- mint, I believe.

It looked like they had already eaten about half of the package in the store. And crackhead wife seemed a little too interested in the ice cream. Licking it like she had never had the shit before. And with excitement was shoving it in crackhead husband's face. But because crackhead husband was the silent, mysterious type, he just sniffed the ice cream and then paid.

No one else seemed to notice how fucked up this sitution was except for me. Oh, Ferndale Foods and your wacky customers. No wonder it smells like garbage when you walk in. You want to make the regulars feel like they're home.

Oh, how I wish a Publix would take over with their good subs and clean floors. Or at least make the Western Market, or Trader Joes a 24 hour joint.

Maya, pictures please? hehe. Have fun in Banff!


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