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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The dreaded season.

I forgot I live with a boy!
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Passes, possessions and goals. Three words I might just hate more than "Your balance is negative 130 dollars. Thank you and come again."

I thought I was in the clear. I thought, I don't live with Mark anymore. I won't have to sit in my room every Sunday or Monday because two stupid teams that have no effect on my life decide they need to get to the other side with some stupid little ball. But no such luck. Steve likes football.

It's actually sorta funny, because yesterday as he watched the Falcons and some other team play while I was playing on the computer, he kept saying, "Look at that play. Should I rewind it? Look at that. He should have done that! ARGH!! FOOTBALL IS SO AWESOME!!!" And all I could say was, "Steve, I really don't care. Unless someone trips on his own feet or does a somersault for me to laugh at, I can give a shit how one big guy blocked the other big guy." And so it goes....

In other news...

I'm going to see Bloc Party tonight! And you know what that means? Free drinks and food thanks to my rep friend! I love friends that are reps. They truly are the best!!!

And I think Jessie called me last night to say, "I'm off to some country again. I'll be there for a year. And then come back to Boston, where I won't know what to do, so I'll go back to Spain again." And then when I call her back today I'll say, "Awesome. I look forward to crashing at your place when I scrounge up the money for a plane ticket. I'll be seeing ya!"

Also, I think I will have to take the day off for my stupid car. Argh. I need someone to do these stupid car things for me. Fuck having a boyfriend. I need a man servant.


UPDATE: I just talked to Jessie. And I think she won the award for saying the stupid thing for the day.

Jessie: "When I picked up the phone, I was confused because it said that you're in Michigan."

Me: "Jessie, I am in Michigan."

Jessie: "Oh, I thought you were in Detroit."

(if you're reading this Jessie, I know you won't be mad because you're a lover not a hater. adios amigos!)


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