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Monday, September 12, 2005

Drunk? Check!

So, Friday started with a bang and basically kept right on going until early Sunday morning.

-Had sorta a half day at work
-Laid out for a few hours
-A ghost from my Portfolio Center past came to town!
-Went to Dick O'Dows, where beer and cranberry and vodkas were plentiful (and free!)
-Then someone suggested shots, and I said tequila and there goes the night
-Zorn's friend pukes in my bathroom (I think)
-They leave my place and I'm out by 4

- Woke up at around 11. Laid out for 2 hours
-Went to Dally in the Alley (music festival/hippy vendors/an abundance of shea butter) with Maria and friend
-Took a much needed nap for 2 hours
-Went back to Dally in the Alley- this time with Nicole, Leo and Usha
-Nicole, Leo and Usha decided they had enough after just 2 hours, probably because they are lame
-Got a call from Devin- new friend- who's at a bar very close by
-Met him and his friends at bar
-Went to the Magic Stick
-Drank beer, played pool, danced!, watched boys be boys
-Didn't get home until 3ish

Sunday (aka- recouperation day)
-At 6 am, Steve came home and totally freaked me out.
-Not enough for me to call the cops though, because then I woke up at 10 without any worries, but sadly I did have a headache.
-Basically sat in front of the tv, but not really watching it for the entire day and night.

P.S. Whilst having fun this weekend I was talking to Zorn about the recent job openings at Crispin Porter. And although, it's tempting to work on VW, Sprite and Burger King- I quite like my nights and weekends. I like to sleep. And I like to have a life. So, while every person I know from PC hurries their books off to Alex Bogusky, I will be getting drunk after work, sleeping at a reasonable hour and not getting a Pencil, thank you very much. (it's not like they'd hire me anyway, right Carl?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

my weekend=

FRIDAY: work until like 10 something. Meet up with people to have one beer, eat some food. Have 3 beers, try to go back to work. Decide that I'm too tired to work. I'll wake up early tomorrow.

7am wake up, worry that I'm not working. go to work. work. work. watch the daily show online cause I never have time to watch tv. funny in a ironically sad way about how much our government sucks 'we didn't factually know there were people in the convention center". Wonder if the president gets more sleep than I do. The thought of it terrifies me, so I go back to work.

Repeat sat, but this time sleep until 10. And work until 3a.

But it is really more fun the it sounds.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

actually, that doesn't sound fun at all anonymous. as much as i like work, i like getting drunk more.

2:09 PM  

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