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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sharks are Awesome! And other crazy thoughts.

So, before I get into the shark thing, let's first all say goodbye to Maya. She left on Friday for Boston. Now, her and freckergirl will become best friends and she'll forget all about lil' old me. Wah wah.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I discovered Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, but only caught the very last 8 minutes of it. If the rest of the movie is like the last bit I saw then this is a goldmine everyone should quickly discover.

Let me describe the scenes I saw. A huge fuck off shark is ready to eat shit. There's some cruise boat, and for some reason people keep jumping off of it- knowing that there's a shark waiting for them. But for some reason you get the feeling that these people are dumb, so it sorta makes sense. One guy grabs a woman who's about to jump. And takes her lifevest. He thinks he's home free until he jumps off the boat and directly into the sharks mouth. Blah blah woman screams and cries, and then we look back into the water where a raft full of people get swallowed by the shark (see picture). Okay, so the shark had an appetizer and the main meal, but now you're thinking- where's the dessert? Don't worry, that's where the evil looking Russian on a jetski comes in. He thinks he just beat the rest of the crowd and gives a sinister snicker, then looks ahead and realizes he's driving right into the sharks mouth! Him and the jetski literally drive into the mouth. It's ridiculous. It's insane. It's absolutely genius, and I need to find the rest of this movie!

Side Note: Has anyone seen The Look for Less with Yohanna (a.k.a. Winner of Season 2's America's Next Top Model)? Is she not the worst host ever? I thought the chick that used to do it (who's now on The View) was bad, but Yohanna makes me wanna gag.

Side Note 2: I watched a marathon of BBC's What Not to Wear (I must keep true to the original) and decided I need a whole new wardrobe. I just wish I could go on that kind of show and not actually be on TV. I think I'm the only person that doesn't want their 15 minutes. I don't even want 30 seconds. Anyway, anyone who's interested in some tips, you can actually get some on their website. Just plug in your type of body and voila, Trinny and Susanna will tell you what to wear. GENIUS!

Side Note 3: The reason for all the side notes. I've been all by myself for 3 days now. EVERYONE IS GONE. And since Kelly sold me out (sorry, but ya did) I've been thinking to myself a lot more, and walking around, and laying out, and going to see Junebug (which was sorta sad, but pretty darn good) and trying not to use any gas, and then doing more of that thinking thing. I actually sorta like this alone time.

See ya's at work tomorrow. I know I'll be rested and ready to go!


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