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Thursday, September 15, 2005

No time for pictures.

Two days ago: Went to Sangrias, got trashed on Sangria. Ate tapas. Yummy! Went to see Bloc Party. Lead singer got a sore throat in the middle of the concert. Played a total of 7 songs. Drank till 3 am.

One day ago: Should have slept in because I had the day off. Instead, woke up at 8, just because my stupid clock in my head said to. Felt basically like a zombie all day long. Got a second opinion on my car. It's gonna cost 500 smackers! Hello credit card!! Finally used my TJ Maxx gift card and bought a cute skirt and shirt that I'm wearing today. Gym, learned how to drive Steve's huge ass truck, watched probably the most annoying girl ever on Super Sweet 16, then saw enough of Jaws to remind me why I'm scared of the ocean, sleep.

Today: Went to the studio because I was suppose to meet my partner there. Partner was a no show. Didn't get into the office until 11. My admin understood. Walk into my office where I'm presented with about 10 radio spots due next week. No more time to type on blogs. Must get working!

Tonight: Free drinks at Como's. Walking distance from my house. Thank god!


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