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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Emmy Shemmy.

It's super duper!
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Did anyone else forget the Emmy's were on Sunday? I remember when my mom and I would watch them yearly, as a way to cheer on our favorties and boo the losers of tv. But for the last 3 years, I haven't even paid any attention whatsoever to this sport. To me, these award shows are just getting worse and worse every year. With the ever shrinking Star Jones gushing over so-called stars and asking them what type of bling they are wearing. Like if they say Gucci, it will make me buy it. ARGH! SUPER STARS! With that said, I was pleased to find out Lost won! As it so deserved. But, if I had it my way here are my nominations and winners for Myemmys.

Best Reality Show:
Big Brother
Super Sweet 16
Laguna Beach
Project Runway
Amazing Race

The winner is Super Sweet 16! Only because it defines a generation that I'm so happy not to be apart of. If all 16 year olds are that snobby and spoiled I feel bad for our future. Everything these brats do and say are so completely ridiculous that I can't believe actual parents put up with their shit. I actually had to call my mom after watching an episode to say, "Mom, if you ever thought I was a spoiled brat, watch Super Sweet 16 and thank god I wasn't one of those kids. I love you. Your down to earth daughter, Barrie."

Best Teen Show:
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Radio Free Roscoe

And the winner is Degrassi! 90210 came with a close second, but now that I'm past the Kelly doing coke thing and we're into the part where her rehab roommate is getting all Single White Female on her ass, it's getting old. But Degrassi, well, as their slogan goes: It goes there!

Best Cartoon:
Family Guy
Aqua Teen Hungerforce
The Simpsons

Family Guy takes it. Only because I'm a sucker for movie references and sex jokes. I have to be really fucked up to enjoy Aqua Teen and The Simpsons doesn't do it for me consistently.

Best Show:
Desperate Housewives
Arrested Development
The Office

God, how do I have time to watch all this shit? Oh, my friends don't like going out and I'm not having sex. Anyway, I shouldn't even have to say it, but Lost wins! Desperate Housewives fucking sucks. And I just watched the premier of Arrested Development, and I can already tell it's losing its touch.

And in other news, my neck fucking hurts really really bad. I need a massage.


Blogger seth said...

Family Guy sucks. Pooey.

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