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Monday, September 19, 2005

Movies, late nights and disc golfing.

I was never good at sports.
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What a weekend.

Saw Tarnation. Go see it. Then kill yourself. It was interesting and good and depressing. I couldn't even eat popcorn during the flick. Not gross like Catching the Friedman's, just sad like ummmmm Tarnation.

Went to a party on Saturday, and stayed out till 5:30 am! I'm too old for this shit. I haven't stayed up that late since finals during my Portfolio Center days, and that was sure as shit not for pleasure. This on the other hand was at least entertaining, but when I woke up at 10 that same day, I was out of it for basically the whole day.

Which leads to disc golfing. I guess being out of it is sort of a criterion for playing disc golf, but it probably shouldn't have been for a first timer like myself. It was embarrassing. Luckily, it was just me and Devin so he didn't make fun of me or anything. But there were definitely interesting characters there. Like the Super Disc Golfer, who even brought a metal case on wheels filled with discs and would take 15 minutes preparing before throwing practically perfect pars. Then there was the dude who was doing calistetics (sp?) in his car to warm up. I never knew people got into it that much, but I guess every sport needs a magazine and a leader and something to endorse. Hippie sports included.

WHEN IS ARCHITECURE IN HELSINKI COMING TO DETROIT!!! (sorry for the distraction, but they just came on in my itunes and i just got super excited)

FUCK! WORK!!!!!!!


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