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Friday, October 28, 2005

Fuzzy night leads to me dancing.

Oh yesterday. What fun! If there was one thing I enjoyed about Job A, it was some of the people I worked with. And I saw all the ones I liked yesterday. Some I haven't seen in 3 months, and boy once you mix some beer and pizza in my belly there's fun to be had! I think I hugged Leo every 5 seconds, and I'M NOT A HUGGER! Then, someone handed me a free ticket to see Social Scene somethingerother. So the fun kept going till 11, which was weird cause it felt like at least 3. But I guess that happens when you start partying at 6. Then I just had to listen to my new totally awesome Kayne West cd on the way home and felt a second wind coming. WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THIS CD AGES AGO! It's so freakin' awesome. I love it so. You people should've seen me. I was dancing on the couch in the porch and made Steve blast Kayne real loud. God, Kayne is a genius. He makes me want to go clubbin'. And I don't go clubbin'.

God, this blog sucks today. But there are too many substances still in me to actually write well today.

Have a Happy Halloween. And to the Michiganders, A Merry Devil's Night to you. Whatever the fuck that means.

P.S. In a few short hours there will be hundreds of kids roaming around at the office, and I'm petrified. Damn scary kids. My ovaries don't like your kind!


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