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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I gave up looking for pictures.

You know when you see something and it makes you instantly want to vomit all over the place and/or cry uncontrollably in your oversized office that has too many chairs and no windows? Well, I just had that feeling. Maya, I wish you were here so I could cry and cry and you wouldn't judge me, but we'd just knit and I'd just cry and maybe even smoke cigarettes. Oh, the crying!

You also know when you eat a free bagel at work and then you spend the next hour wondering if there's bits of bagel and cream cheese stuck in your teeth and that when you talk to people you wonder if they are just being polite and not saying anything or they are secretly laughing at you on the inside. I'm having that moment too.

AND you also know the feeling when you have a lot of work to do. I mean, a lot. But you don't have the energy to ever do anything until after you eat the free sushi from downstairs and then go to Plato's Closet because you need a new pair of jeans because all of your jeans/pants are falling off because you are getting too skinny. Yep, I'm feeling it.

This week is no good. I must be getting my period. But, at least I'm getting it now.


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