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Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's Saturday. Otherwise known as my Mommy's birthday!

Things that make me happy about my Mom:

1. She rocks!
2. She roasts marshmallows on the stove.
3. She remembers all my friends names and still asks how they are. Meanwhile, I can't even remember all their names.
4. She used to let me stay home from school. I'd fake the cough, and she wouldn't buy it, but still let me skip the random day so I can watch Price is Right!
5. She used to be pretty darn cool when she was my age.
6. She's not like your mom.
7. One time a stranger told my sick/slow grandma to "move it already" and I swear my mom was ready to throw down. You mess with my family, you're gonna have to hear it from the jewish woman from the bronx.
8. She makes the simpliest dessert totally awesome (the chocolate pie- yummy!).
9. Whenever I come home, she gets all the stuff I really like (strawberries, fish, etc.).
10. She used to sing this song to me while petting my head and it would always put me to sleep.
11. She hung out with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Yoko Ono way way back when.
12. She wears tie-dye t-shirts and every year prays for the Dolphins to win the Superbowl (it's never gonna happen).
13. Did I mention that she rocks?!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!


Blogger marcia said...

I still rock!! How sweet to have your blog all about me. Love

4:15 AM  

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