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Thursday, January 26, 2006

At least it's sunny outside, right?

Instead of writing a bunch of nonsense leading up to a list, I'll just start the stupid list:

Pros of being single:

1. No fights. Ever. Sure, the first few months are totally awesome, then out of nowhere he does something stupid that pisses you off that wouldn't have pissed you off at month 2, but since it's month 14 his farts don't smell as sweet and now you have to yell about it. Or even worse yell about it in front of other people, i.e. your friends, which is never fun for either the friend or the couple. When you're single, you don't fight with anyone. It's totally friggin' awesome! If you didn't do the dishes, who fucking cares! If you forgot to pick something up, oh well, you'll do it tomorrow! Fucking righteous!

2. No compromising. I'm just a tad on the selffish side. I blame my mother for not having children closer in age for me to play with. Ex: The other day someone asked me why I wouldn't consider moving to St. Louis. I said because I decided that I know what I want in life, and that's to not live in frigid cold weather anymore. So basically that's anywhere on the East and anywhere remotely near Michigan. I have no ties. I can make friends easily anywhere. I have nothing holding me back. If I want to only rent from the comedy section of Blockbuster, I shouldn't have to make a deal that I'll also rent an action movie just to make things fair between the two of us. FYI: I had to do that A LOT and it always sorta bothered me as I don't like action movies.

3. I don't have to like anyone. Getting along with your boyfriends' friends seems to be a big deal with girls. I can get along with almost anyone if you just talk to me and/or you don't think you're too cool. But if you don't like me for whatever reason, I'm not gonna pretend to like you just because I'm dating your friend. It's a never ending cycle that just ends up leading to the friends always winning, and the girl packing her bags. Even if his friends are totally weird and consistently use your now ex-boyfriend.

4. I don't have to let anyone know where I am. Sure, if I disappeared no one would really notice for 2 days (and that's only because my work isn't strict on coming into the office, I'm not into calling people just to chat and feel important when I'm alone at Borders, and my roommate would just assume I was out drinking with Devin). But if I don't need to tell you when I get off work so we can prepare dinner so we can watch that movie so we can....

5. No worrying about if and when we'll actually break up. If fact, no worrying at all.

Cons of being single:

1. There's no one to tell you you're awesome. You make them laugh. You're so smart. You look so cute in the morning....

2. There's no one to be completely honest with. Because if you were this honest to your friends you probably wouldn't have any.

3. There's no one to cuddle with on a Saturday morning.

4. There's no one who always wants to be with you.

5. And all that other good stuff.


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

I'm still trying to stop thinking about the Pros, and getting used to the Cons.

It was funny when I first moved out a few months ago... when friends would call to see if I wanted to do something... my first reaction was to say "I'll call you back later to let you know..." because I was so used to checking with my "co-called-better-half" to see if I was "allowed" to go out.

6:32 AM  

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