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Friday, January 06, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen

So, another friend is leaving me. I came to Detroit and for the first 6 months, I was basically depressed and then I made all these amazing friends and got myself all happy and shit. Then, one by one, these friends started leaving me. Why oh why! I should be going with you. But I have this job I actually sorta like. Sure, I'll take another job somewhere (anyone hiring? hehe) but only if it comes to me. I, for once in maybe 3 years, don't want to have to hunt for a job.

So Nicole, I know you'll never read this until Leo reads it and then tells you to read it, but this one's for you.

My memories of Intarsia (her nickname) go a little something like this:

1. Bringing back the word stool. I will never look at my poop the same way again thanks to her.
2. The start of the knitting night. Me, Nicole, Maya and a little something called Anne of Green Gables.
3. ABORT! (inside joke that's possibly dooceable)
4. Concepting for about 10 minutes and coming up with pretty awesome stuff that would never get sold.
5. Simon loving what Nancy hated. Oh, how we laughed.
6. Nicole made me kiss her her on her birthday. (Uh oh, my birthday's coming up!)
7. Almost passing out before The Aristocats. Sorry.
8. The crush told Nicole, "If he doesn't like Barrie then he must be gay!"
9. Ted Leo concerts!!!!
10. Punky Brewster, eating lunches outside, going to the park and the fact that she'll always be my flaky friend.

Peace out Nicole.


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