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Monday, January 23, 2006

Short weekend.

This was my first normal weekend in about 2 months. Normal being I just had Saturday and Sunday off. No extra Monday, or Friday or Winter Break type stuff. No sir. It went by much too fast, that's for sure.

Friday: Fiddled around on the internet, and realized that by 10 I hadn't really done anything except for the laundry. So Steve and I went to rent 40 Year Old Virgin and Hustle and Flow. We probably watched the You know how I know you're gay scene about 5 times, because it was that funny.

Saturday: We've had some random nice days this winter, and Saturday was one of them. Not too cold, and sunny! So I couldn't pass it up. I had to be outside. I went to Have you Any Wool to buy yarn for the sister's purse and then off to the park with Steve I went. Then, we went to the grocery store and for some reason I became overwhelmed with exhaustion. Maybe it's the smell of garbage at the Farmer Jack when you first walk in that makes me tired, or the fact that this certain grocery store just depresses me with their bright lights and non-Publix attitude. (I miss Publix) And also Steve takes much too long at the grocery store. Even if I'm buying 60 dollars worth of food, I'm usually out of there within 20 minutes. But with Steve, you have to commit at least an hour of determining which product is the cheapest and lots of going back for stuff he thinks he forgot. It's all okay though. I just start wandering the aisles and talk to strangers about frozen food, and somehow we meet at the counter with all our limbs in tact.

Then I took a nap and awoke to a pretty awesome lasagna and salad prepared by Steve, because he can cook and I can't.

And then, Devin, Dylan and Sarah came to pick us up so we can bowl our booties off! But before we took off, Devin shook the magic 8 ball and kept saying, "Uh oh" (I only say this, because creepy foreshadowing shit happened)

We basically got trashed and broke the bowling lane (No, really. We did. I think I might have started it, but Dylan actually broke the lane. Oops!) And then quickly left the lane we had broken to go to another bar, and got even more drunk. Damn those red headed sluts (not an actual person, but a shot with jager in it- i think)!

The bar kicked us out, and luckily Devin was sober and drove us all home. About an hour later, I got a call. By now I'm already passed out, and not even sure how I got in my pjs but all I know is that I picked up the phone and Devin said something about being in a car accident. This all seemed like a dream to me. I don't remember really talking to him, only him telling me about a car accident and that was it. I'm always scared people will call me when I'm in this state of unconsciousness because I'm likely to say things like, "Did you know I love you? or Kangoroos are pretty much the coolest!" I doubt I said any of these things to him, but I'm sure I didn't make any sense. Either way, the next day I come to find that Devin was hit by a guy running a red light and was basically slammed into a wall, car totalled and all. Luckily, he escaped with absolutely no injuries, but scary nonetheless. He wasn't intoxicated and for some reason the cops didn't do a breathalizer test on the guy who caused the accident, but everyone was okay. Whew.

Sunday: Went shopping around Royal Oak with Kelly. Pitaya is now my new favorite cheap store. I've basically bought something from there on a monthly basis. If you have one near you, go to it and give it business.

On a side note: Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers is playing right now on my itunes and I really want to dance around my office like something out of a cheesy 70's movie. But I can't because then Philip, the dude across from me, would laugh and probably tell people. Ho hum.


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"You know how I know you're gay" scene = Instant Classic

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