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Monday, January 30, 2006

Lunch Break!

The following are reasons why I'm not a hipster:

1. Although, people may think I'm cool and/or have told me this from time to time (apparently Kelly's friends have said this about me. I keep telling her they should meet me first before jumping to conclusions.), I quite honestly think they are all smoking crack, because really I'm a fucking dork. I mean I watch Degrassi: The Next Generation for fucks sake!

2. I can't dress cool if my life depended on it. I blame my mom for wearing so much tie-dye. Because in my closet, you'll find a decent mix of dashekees, black boots and jeans that are either way too tight or too baggy. I could be wearing all three at the same time and not have a clue that people are pointing and laughing.

3. While I have a good ear for music, and appreciate all kinds (yes, even country and metal), I couldn't tell you what's hip now or when that band is playing in my town. I just go with the flow. I get cds all the time, because yes, I have a few hipster friends and they are good to me. But really, I go with what I like and could give a shit if you think it's cool or not. Meanwhile, someone is always telling me that some good band is playing, and I'm usually there, unless it's Coldplay because I don't have a boyfriend or the ability to sway back and forth.

4. I can't go out past 5am. I'm not sure if hipsters are doing this because they think they're cool or because they do too many drugs or both. But don't people like to sleep? I know I do. I know that most likely if it's past 3am, I'm probably not having that much fun anymore. I'm just trying to get sober so I can go home. But I know some people that push themselves to stay up till 8. And I hope they don't think they're cool because of this, because they aren't. They're just tired.

5. I'm not very good at following trends. I hated capri's when they came out. I don't really like uggs and definitely couldn't part with a hundred dollars for any pair of shoes. And I could give a shit if Paris Hilton and other crap celebrities will be at some bar in Detroit this week because it's the Superbowl. I just don't care. And the fact that some people are spending thousands of dollars to just be near a celebrity this week actually makes me nauseous.


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